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Internal communication & employer brand

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If you still consider internal communications as subsidiary to your company, you may as well remove oil when cooking in your pan. And then wonder why it scratches.


Internal communications can be neglected in so many different ways. Total instrumentation within the marketing service; politically correct when depending on RH; often non-existing. And so on. Still, internal communication is key to your team productivity and cohesion.


We have been talking about manpower shortages for years now and we will continue do so for quite a while. During this time, you can’t ignore the fact that your most important resources are yet to retain. In order to recruit and keep your actual workforce in place, HR need the skilled assistance of communications in order to embody and diffuse a strong, authentic and attractive employer brand.


If you are not sure about that, you may quantify your need by measuring your employee retention, turnover, absenteeism rates. The good news is: no need for a 12-person communication service to deal with internal communication.


We are qualified to help you leverage your values and realistic advantages into an authentic brand, promote them and align them with people needs. In other terms, we apply marketing techniques to your staffing and human capital policies.


Want to know a secret? We LOVE internal communications as our baby. Give birth, educate, see how it grows and observe the gains!


Communications and HR have never been so close to it each other thanks to Ad Strategie.

Internal communication