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How to work with us

Teamwork at first!

Our common goal is your business’ success. We use our flexibility to climb the steps one after the others. So here is the user manual.



Some consider us as a coach or a trainer; a marketing agency; an extension of their internal marketing services. Or a consultant missioned to complete a task. No matter how, what is important to us is to maximize your ROI.



Ad Strategie’s User Guide

1. Contact us

It’s not easy to evaluate and choose a supplier. Particularly if you have an already well-furnished network.

There are many reasons why people appreciate our collaboration:

  • They like well-executed jobs, structure and coherence
  • They appreciate on-time deliveries and proactivity

They know we will listen to their needs, establish logical objectives and precise actions plans and respect their work pace. Of course, meeting for the first time is a free pleasure.

If you need reference of jobs executed in the past, please contact us.



2. Analyze needs

Consider us a “pick-and-choose”, “one-stop-shop”.  Either we manage a project 100% and deliver upon your needs. Or we collaborate to provide strategic analysis and actions plans and we/you have them executed with your internal teams and suppliers.

We can decide when we meet.

  • Determine strategic needs versus execution tasks
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Budget so you can make clever choices
  • Establish clear timelines


3. Efficient teamwork

Ever worked with unreliable suppliers and waited forever for your deliverables? Or had to reconsider budget? Or paid for wonderful, useless communication tools?

At Ad Strategie, we are efficiency maniacs. We will make sure to let you know who’s doing what, when and how. Precise feedback and accountability count for us.  That’s why clients come back.



4. Post-mortem and… jump back on it!

We make sure to get constructive feedback and improve what we do for you all the time.

Plus, we stay here even when everything has been delivered. We answer questions and don’t invoice every 15 minutes. We avoid budget surprises. We ask for comments and implement better practices.

Appreciate reliable suppliers?