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Market analysis and positioning

Say bye to expenditures & hello to profitable investments

Reach a new client panel, raise margins, launch products, mobilize employees and raise productivity? Making the right decisions take more than trust and instinct.

What are the real challenges, hidden goals, prospects desires and competition strengths that you have to deal with before jumping in? We believe that both a structured analysis and a plan are necessary to build a comprehensive and efficient strategy. This is how to make profit.


We use multiple tools in order to benchmark, establish plans, validate actions and secure a strategic market position.


  • Quantitative surveys, competition benchmark, qualitative studies, internal and external, focus groups, customer experience analysis, personas
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Marketing and communications plans targeting prospect audience, focusing on opportunities and including budgets and media plans


Ad Strategie provides clear recommendations, solutions and documented targets, then creates the relevant tools to achieve your business goals.

Market analysis & positioning